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Marketing Program Examples That Drive Conversions

marketing program examples drive conversions, Halo ProgramsTheory informs practice. But when you’re putting marketing theory into practice, it’s helpful to see program examples that drive conversions. After all, that’s the goal of any effective marketing program.

Simply put, the goal of marketing is to communicate the value of your products and services to your customers, educating them in the process, which should ultimately convert to a sale.

These marketing program examples strategically developed by Halo Programs do just that:

  • Prospect for new customers – Need to boost new customer acquisition? Our neighborhood prospecting program, SurroundMail, helps you communicate with targeted prospects in the area of your recent customers. Realtors and mortgage loan officers use this program to promote their successful closings or the houses they just listed. HVAC contractors use this program to let neighbors know they’re working in the area. The idea can be applied to any service business for prospecting.
  • Retain existing customers – To encourage customer loyalty, a valuable commodity for any business, our customer retention program, Connections, gives you the ability to customize marketing communications and develop a timeline of delivery over several years or based on one event. This program uses cross-media tools, including email, print, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generating surveys and QR codes, as well as online response forms to generate quality leads, all while consistently communicating your business’ brand. All of our communication touch points are customizable to your industry and your business.
  • Reconnect with past customers – All of our programs are based on three foundational ideas: effective communication, generating leads, and building customer loyalty. Your past customer database is a huge asset. We have programs to reconnect you with them.

Don’t get so caught up in theory that your business never moves out of the realm of what is possible. Take these marketing program examples, and put theory into action. For expert advice, contact Halo Programs today, and find out how our company branded marketing programs have helped businesses in more than 20 industries put “feet” on their end goals.