Turnkey Marketing Programs Work To Retain Existing Customers While Drawing In Their Referrals

turnkey marketing, Halo ProgramsTurnkey marketing programs allow you to market to existing customers while simultaneously working on selling to acquire new customers. For existing customers, integrating an e-mail marketing campaign can help you make the best use of your database.

It takes time and a sizable investment to develop a database of e-mail addresses. Businesses can become so consumed with plans to generate a database that once that foundation is built, they have no strategy in the works for using it. Start your system now!

Turnkey marketing programs based on the low-cost method of e-mail campaigns can put that database to work. In short, they:

  • Improve conversions. Recent research has shown that it can take as many as 10 online visits or connections with your business to convert a sale. The more you can reinforce your brand in the minds of customers, the more your sales will increase. And e-mail marketing is a low-cost method to generate repeat branding touchpoints.
  • Increase repeat sales. It costs less to market to lifetime customers, and e-mail allows you to inexpensively connect with customers again and again, making a repeat sale far more profitable than a sale to a new customer — especially when most of that initial purchase goes toward recouping marketing costs.
  • Prioritize up selling and cross selling. With low-cost e-mail touchpoints, including seasonal greetings and thank you notes, you can up sell and cross sell to interested buyers who are more likely to purchase related products or services from your business.
  • Offer invaluable communication. With e-mail turnkey marketing programs, you give your customers an easy way to communicate with you, providing valuable feedback regarding your products and services. That feedback might include information about who is more likely to buy and which of your products are hot sellers.

When setting up your e-mail program, you can develop touchpoints that include:

  • Personalized greetings
  • Short messages
  • Comprehensive contact details
  • Photos
  • Links to your social networking accounts
  • Company logos to increase branding efforts

Turnkey marketing solutions will optimize your efforts to retain existing customers, while building a network of database referrals, at a low cost. Contact Halo Programs for more information about our turnkey marketing programs.

Marketing image via Shutterstock