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Customer Satisfaction Surveys — A True Measure Of Brand Performance

customer survey, Halo ProgramsBrand performance – two words that can make even the strongest businesses quake. Why? With the shift toward more web-based businesses and combined web-and-mortar businesses, brand performance has taken on new value.

Brand equity, or how much worth your brand has in the eyes of consumers, will dictate your success. So it’s important to have a means to measure your brand performance. Customer satisfaction surveys help you do just that.

How better to determine your performance than to hear what your customers think about your brand? With an effective customer satisfaction survey, you can elicit profound and valuable details based on your customers’ interaction with your business, and then adjust your products, services and marketing efforts accordingly.

The survey

Before you begin, develop a strategy behind your survey or series of surveys. In the end, your survey should answer these questions:

  • Do your products or services match the needs of your target consumer?
  • Will and do your existing customers refer others to your business?
  • How many customers have done business with you previously?
  • How do customers rate your sales staff and customer service department?
  • What makes your customers buy? What motivates them?
  • Are you providing customers with the necessary information during the research phase of the buying process?
  • Do your customers want information on your other products or services?
  • How soon are your customers planning to return to the market for your business?

The analysis

With an effective survey in hand, you’ll need a means to evaluate the results. Your customer satisfaction survey program should include the capability to analyze data. The report should document:

  • How consumers perceive your business, including your sales and support staff
  • A break down of what products and services your customers are interested in
  • Differences among segments or departments within your business, detailing factors such as regional differences and sales department personnel performance
  • Your business’ ranking when compared with those of other businesses, nationally

Your analysis also should incorporate graphs, images and charts that allow you to easily see buying rationale and decisions based on the surveys, as well as existing customer behaviors.

Who better to take your cues from than your own existing customers? Find out what they have to say with customer satisfaction surveys. Halo Programs offers turnkey marketing solutions for businesses that span over 20 industries, specializing in company branding, offering comprehensive personalized marketing solutions.

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