New Customer Marketing: Find Out Why You Should Prospect Close To Home

new customer marketing uses direct mail, Halo ProgramsMarketing programs that focus on finding consumers who fit your target demographic can help drive new customers to your business and make your investment in new-customer marketing pay off.

Halo Programs’ TargetMail campaigns and SurroundMail/SurroundMail Plus programs are proven ways to prospect for new customers.

SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus programs market your business to consumers who live in the area surrounding your existing customers — or those who’ve made a recent purchase. The programs use full-color marketing mailers and jumbo postcards, all of which are customized to your company brand and specific marketing plan or goals, and personalized so that your contact information and logo appear on the campaigns. You can also choose to include a personalized message or testimonial from your customers and their names.

TargetMail, a prospecting marketing campaign, gives you access to key demographic information so that you can fine-tune your approach. Your services and products fit a unique customer profile, so why waste time marketing to those outside that group? Halo Programs has access to quality segments of data on more than 235 million consumers. We’ll work with you to target key dimensions that fit your customer profile.

Once we acquire the prospecting list, then we can match the most relevant products and services to fit their needs and develop appropriate specials or offers. You can also choose how to set up your new customer marketing program, using a systematic approach that includes a series of communication touch points delivered over a set period of time. Alternatively, you can choose an event-based, one-time mailing.

Take advantage of new customer marketing programs that allow you to prospect close to the homes of your existing customers and also hone in on area consumers who fit your demographic profile with Halo Programs’ turnkey solutions.

Want to know more? Contact Halo Programs, and get started with our proven marketing programs, including new customer marketing, to boost your brand, drive return on investment and increase revenue.

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